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"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not" - Dr. Seuss

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Use your IG, Twitter, and Facebook accounts to tell Mayor Adams @NYCMayor to stop delaying the scheduling of NYPD officer Wayne Isaacs discipline trial by asking Judge Chun for a timeline on his decision regarding the unsealing motion Judge Chun's been sitting on for over a year.

Learn more about Delrawn Small, his family's 6.5 year fight, and how you can help hold NYPD officer Wayne Isaacs accountable for murdering Delrawn Small.

April 24th: Pack the Court for Kawaski Trawick

Join the family of Kawaski Trawick at 1 Police Plaza for the discipline trial of NYPD Officers Herbert Davis and Brendan Thompson. Kawaski's parents want both officers fired for murdering their son. 


On April 14, 2019, Mr. Trawick locked himself out of his apartment while he was cooking. The super at the assisted living facility where Mr. Trawick lived refused to let him back in so Mr. Trawick called 911 for the fire department. Fire department arrived and let Mr. Trawick back into his apartment. Mr. Trawick was cooking in his home after the situation had been resolved and NYPD officers Thompson and Davis illegally entered Mr. Trawicks apartment and murdered him in 112 seconds. 

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For 10 months Mayor Adams & Police Commissioner Sewell have ignored the Smith family's request to fire NYPD officers Mamedov and Siegel, and the State Attorney General Tish James has refused to keep the family updated on her investigation and timeline. 

February 14 from 12pm-2pm please join the Smith family on social media to 1) teach NYers about what happened to Anthony, 2) demand Adams/Sewell fire both officers, and 3) demand State Attorney General Tish James prosecute officers Mamedov and Siegel.  

Stay tuned for more info on a candlelight vigil being held by the family at the State Attorney Generals office located at 28 Liberty.

Work with families that have loss loved ones to the NYPD (New York Police Department), and survivors of NYPD assaults, and false arrest.

There are many ways to support, and no experience is necessary.  Learn to conduct intakes, help build out our rapid response and healing work, and support the families leadership to carry out campaigns that hold NYPD accountable.


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#ThisStopsToday Dec. 4th 2014 

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