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[News 12] New Yorkers demand more details on how NYPD chooses who to stop

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

New Yorkers rallied outside of City Hall Monday to call on the City Council to pass a new legislation that would require the NYPD to provide more transparency in its stopping practices.

Advocates and supporters of the How Many Stops Act say that the two bills would make the NYPD’s process of who they choose to stop and why they choose to stop more accessible to the average New Yorker.

“So many times people are killed by the police… and it’s their word against nobody, because nobody is speaking for the victim,” said Shawn Williams, father of Antonio.

Investigators say that Antonio Williams was stopped by plainclothes officers who believed he was suspicious, leading to the altercation. Williams’ parents say their son would still be alive if the laws being supported today were in place back then.

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