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[Patch] NYPD Blowing Off 'Right To Know' Laws, Advocates Say

"The NYPD is still conducting illegal searches, is still coercing community members into agreeing searches, is still intimidating our communities when they're stopping them on the street," Yul-san Liem, the co-director of the Justice Committee, said at a Monday news conference outside City Hall...

Victoria Davis — the sister of Delrawn Small, who was killed by an off-duty cop in a 2016 road-rage shooting — said she asked for a business card from a cop whom she saw standing by while an elderly woman bled out on the street in her community in February.

The officer gave her a blank business card and told Davis to fill it out after she asked him to do so himself, she said. Davis said she complained to the Civilian Complaint Review Board about the incident.

"There are other New Yorkers who are not as informed, and so an incident like the one that I've experienced can happen to someone else and nothing would be done about it," Davis said.

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