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Key Accomplishments

Increased safety in NYC

ThisStopsToday Coffins on Bk Bridge 12-14.jpg

Violent NYPD officers now off our streets!

  1. Officer Francis Livotti

  2. Officer Richard Haste

  3. Officer Daniel Pantaleo

  4. Sgt. John McLoughlin 

There are CCRB sharges currently pending against NYPD officers Wayne Isaacs, Brenden Thompson, and Herbert Davis.

Freeing people from the system


Charges dropped or freed from prison

Examples include:

  1. ACD or charges dropped for multiple racist arrest during the 50th Puerto Rican Day parade.

  2. Jenny Rodriguez: freed from prison. Jenny defended herself against a rapist.

  3. Ryan Nunez: assaulted & falsely arrested by NYPD charges dropped

Policy Change


Laws we helped co-created or changed 

​Examples includes:

  1. Executive Order for Special Prosecutor 

  2. The Special Prosecutor Law

  3. Safer NY Act

  4. Right To Know Act

  5. Community Safety Act



Helped create a culture of CopWatch in NYC

​Examples includes:

  1. Trained thousands of CopWatchers.

  2. Co-Founded the CopWatch Alliance.

  3. Coordinated neighborhood led CopWatch teams.

  4. Provide CopWatch at movement events and actions at risk of NYPD violence. 

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