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At Justice Committee (JC) we consider CopWatch to be an act of self defense rooted in love and solidarity. Through our CopWatch project we aim to keep our communities safer by deterring, documenting, and exposing police violence.

To learn more about what CopWatch is, the history of CopWatch, our CopWatch project, and how to get involved just keep reading. 

What is CopWatch?

CopWatch is monitoring and documenting police interactions with our people. CopWatchers use a variety of tools to monitor police activities including but not limited to video cameras, cellphones, audio recorders, walkie talkies, police scanners, and CopWatch and networking apps.


JC's CopWatch project

In 2008 Justice Committee (JC) was trained to CopWatch by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM) that was originally trained by the Black Panther Collective. Our CopWatch project is part of our Community Defense program. JC CopWatchers are trained in both individual CopWatch and team patrols. All our CopWatchers are also Know Your Rights (KYR) trained, and several members are also CPR and first aid certified.


We provide CopWatch for protest and events with high security risk as well neighborhood patrols. While on neighborhood patrols JC CopWatchers build with residents and local businesses, handout KYR information, advise and support residents with police violence cases and complaints, and provide referrals as needed. 


The history of CopWatch

CopWatch was started by the Black Panther Party in the 1966. The Black Panthers conducted armed citizens' patrols to monitor the behavior of officers in the Oakland Police Department. The practice later became known as CopWatch. Today instead of guns, video cameras or cellphones are used. 

Black Panther Party_edited.jpg

How to CopWatch

Justice Committee provides CopWatch trainings for individuals and teams, check out our events calendar or contact us to schedule a CopWatch training.


In the meantime you can click on the image below to read through our guide to recording the police and ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement).

CopWatch guide.png
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