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Justice for Delrawn Small | #FireWayneIsaacs


About Delrawn Small

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8 years of delays

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How you can help

About Delrawn

   About Delrawn Small 


“It’s been almost seven years of delays by Isaacs’ and his police union lawyers - along with two Mayors, four police commissioners, the CCRB, the Law Department, and Judge Chun - all for the purpose of protecting a cop from facing discipline for shooting our unarmed brother and leaving him to bleed out in the street."

Victoria Davis and Victor Dempsey, siblings of Delrawn Small

What happened?

On July 3, 2016, NYPD Officer Wayne Isaacs cut Delrawn Small's car off while driving erratically down Atlantic Ave in an unmarked car, endangering Delrawn’s infant son, 15-year-old step-daughter, and his girlfriend. Delrawn and Isaacs both stopped at a light. As Delrawn approached Isaacs, Isaacs unholstered his gun rolled down the window and shot Delrawn three times and left him to bleed out in the street.

Isaacs did not attempt to provide emergency aid, called 911 for himself and lied saying he had been attacked, and didn't mention that he had just shot Delrawn and that Delrawn was bleeding out on the street. After the incident, Isaacs and the NYPD promoted Isaacs lie until surveillance footage surfaced, which shows Isaacs shooting Delrawn as soon as he approached Isaacs car.

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Delrawn Small

Delrawn Small was a father, stepfather, brother, uncle, and beloved son who loss his mother at an yearly age, and was separated from his siblings as a result.

As a teenager struggling to survive in New York City, Delrawn checked in on his younger siblings best he could to make sure they were okay.

Prior to his killing, Delrawn participated in the AIDS walk with his sister in honor of their mother. He was excited to do it again.

Campaign & Delays

    About the Campaign to #FireWayneIsaacs

About the campaign

The Justice Committee is working with Delrawn's family to demand Mayor Eric Adams and Police Commissioner Edward Caban fire NYPD Officer Wayne Isaacs for murdering Delrawn Small, without his pension or a “good guy” letter.


It's been almost 8 years of intentional obstruction and delays by the NYPD and the police union (PBA). Fireable charges were were substantiated by the CCRB over 3 years ago. Delrawn's family is currently waiting on the appellate court to rule on a motions granted to unseal the records from officer Wayne Isaacs murder trial. 

To get involved in the campaign to fire NYPD officer Wayne Isaacs contact

10 FACTS about the NYPD murder of Delrawn Small:

  1. Delrawn Small was unarmed.

  2. Delrawn had not committed a crime.

  3. Officer Wayne Isaacs shot Delrawn 3 times in front of his 4 month old baby and 14 year old stepdaughter.

  4. Officer Isaacs was not in danger. He rolled down his car window to shoot Delrawn.

  5. Video evidence proves officer Isaacs lied in official statements.

  6. The State Attorney General's office charged officer Wayne Isaacs with MURDER.

  7. Officer Wayne Isaacs didn't notify 911 that he had fired his weapon nor that he had shot someone.

  8. Witness testified that officer Wayne Isaacs was driving erratically and almost caused a crash.

  9. Officer Wayne Isaacs was in plain clothes & failed to identify himself.

  10. Almost 8 years later, and 3 years since the CCRB substantiated charges and NYPD officer Wayne Isaacs is still on NYPD payroll awaiting his discipline trial. 

8 Years of Obstructions and Delays

Since NYPD officer Wayne Isaacs murdered Delrawn Small on July 3, 2016 there have been 2 Mayors, and 3 Police Commissioners. The delays have been endless.

  • The NYPD decided not to bring misconduct charges against NYPD officer Wayne Isaacs for killing unarmed Delrawn Small in 2016 in front of Delrawn children.

  • In May 2018, Delrawn's family filed a complaint with the Civilian Complaint Review Board requesting the CCRB investigate officer Wayne Isaacs for misconduct.

  • In October 2020 (almost three and a half years ago), the CCRB substantiated fireable misconduct charges against officer Isaacs.

  • The NYPD took almost a year to deliver the CCRB's charges to Officer Wayne Isaacs.

  • In March 2021 Officer Isaacs filed a lawsuit (article 78) to try to stop the CCRB from disciplining him. In January 2022, Isaacs baseless lawsuit was dismissed and the CCRB was able to proceed.

  • In October 2021, The CCRB filed a motion to request the records from Officer Wayne Isaacs murder trial.

  • In 2022, the Police Benevolent Association (PBA) asked former Police Commissioner Sewell to take the case away from the CCRB (and kill it), but we stopped them!

  • In March 2023, Judge Danny Chun, after refusing to rule on the CCRB's motion to unseal the records from Isaacs murder trial for over a year, delaying the scheduling of Officer Wayne Isaacs discipline trial, finally ruled in favor of the CCRB.

  • In March 2023, the police union (PBA) appealed Judge Chun's decision to unseal the records from Isaacs murder trial.

Mayor Eric Adams and Deputy Mayor Philip Banks have ignored all the family's request for support.

How you can help

Take Action



Use your social media accounts to help teach people about what happened to Delrawn and how they can help uplift the demand to Fire NYPD officer Wayne Isaacs.


Step 1: Find NYC Mayor Eric Adams, and ideally a friend that can record the interaction.

STEP 2: (script): Ask the Mayor- "Mayor Adams, will you commit to firing NYPD Officers Wayne Isaacs for murdering Delrawn Small?"


Repeat the question to demand Adams respond.

If he says it's Police Commissioner Sewell's decision, say- "as the police commissioner's boss will you recommend Sewell fire Wayne Isaacs for murdering Delrawn Small?

STEP 3: Email your video to


Please contact if you or your organization would like to hold an action or event calling for NYPD Officer Wayne Isaacs to be fired for killing Delrawn Small

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