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Loyda Colón


Executive Director

Loyda Colon is a Nuyorican, born and raised in the projects of the Lower East Side. They have been an organizer and activist for over two decades, including through struggles for racial justice, rights of LGBT and gender nonconforming people, economic justice, and against police and state violence. Loyda first joined the Justice Committee as a member in the 2006, served as Co-Coordinator, and became full-time staff as JC's Co-Director in 2013. Loyda initiated JC's copwatch program, which helped to form NYC's Cop Watch Alliance; and leads JC program work, including organizing families whose loved ones were murdered by police, integrating healing practice in the organizing, leadership development of members, and digital and social media platforms. Prior to coming on staff full-time with the Justice Committee, Loyda's experience included serving as the Coordinator of the Coalition for Community Safety at the Center for Constitutional Rights; Coordinator of The Audre Lorde Project's organizing work against police & state violence; and Coordinator of ALP's first LGBTST youth organizing program.

Yul-san Liem

she/her they/them

Director of Development & Operations

Yul-san has been taking it to the streets, raising funds, and making art as part of New York City's social and racial justice movements since 2001. She is currently the Justice Committee's Director of Development and Operations, after serving as a JC Co-Director from 2012-2021 and a volunteer and consultant prior to that. During her time as Justice Committee staff, Yul-san helped to found and lead the citywide CopWatch Alliance and the multi-sector campaign, Communities United for Police Reform - for which she sat on its Steering Committee and Executive Committee and co-chaired its Community Empowerment Working Group. In the past Yul-san has been a staff member and consultant for Nodutdol for Korean Community Development, CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities, and the Audre Lorde Project. From 2003-2010 she served as Co-Coordinator and artist for the multimedia exhibit, Still Present Pasts, Korean American and the “Forgotten War.”  


Maria Luisa Ramirez


Development Coordinator

Maria Ramirez is a first generation Latinx American, activist, trainer, facilitator, Spanish-English interpreter, and fundraiser. She is the product of the Newburgh Enlarged City School district, a graduate of SUNY New Paltz, and life-long Hudson Valley Resident with extensive ties to New York City's social and racial justice movements. She is a Board member of an award-winning non-profit, Swish Ally Fund and previously co-founded and was the Executive Director of the Newburgh LGBTQ+ Center. She is an ex-Marble Meathead (at a local queer w) and forklift driver. She brings to the Justice Committee over eight years of experience creating and facilitating LGBTQ+ centered spaces and a lifetime of experience navigating racist and discriminatory state systems and advocating for marginalized communities.

Donavon Photo.jpg

Donavon Taveras


Community Safety Coordinator

Donavon Taveras is a dedicated organizer born and raised in Bushwick, Brooklyn. His journey into community organizing began with Make the Road New York, where he initially participated as a member in 2015. Driven by a passion for change making and empowerment, Donavon went on to organize for various organizations, including Make the Road New York, FIERCE!, and El Puente. His work has been centered on developing disciplined and strategic leadership within communities. As an artist, he has always recognized the value of cultural organizing and using the arts to further the demands and messages of the People. Donavon has also been trained in facilitation by masters in the field of education through the NYC Urban Ambassadors Program. In addition to his organizing efforts, Donavon finds joy and healing through Hip Hop production and rhyming. 

Bling - Chauvet Photo

Chauvet Bishop


Organizing Associate

Chauvet Bishop is an Organizer, Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Poet and Host of Open Room at Nuyorican Poets Cafe. Chauvet has organized around Police Brutality, LGBTQ Rights, Healing Justice, Tenants/Housing Rights, and other social justice issues that impact BIPOC, poor and working class struggle. Chauvet balances an in-home massage practice, reiki, and organizing wellness spaces for community events with the Audre Lorde Project. She received her massage therapy training from Swedish Institute and began practicing in 2011. Since graduating from the Swedish Institute, Chauvet gained experience in Spas, Wellness Centers, and Gyms and has also brought her massage skills to businesses, parties and backstage for various performances around NYC as well as a Justice Committee Healing Retreat for families who've lost loved ones to the NYPD. Chauvet joined JC's staff in January 2023.

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