Justice Committee (JC) has been supporting the families of people killed by the NYPD since 1985. We believe families who have lost loved-ones to the police are most impacted by the NYPD’s discriminatory and abusive practices. The JC is therefore committed to supporting these families and building their leadership. We provide support for victims of police and racial violence and their families by educating them about their legal and organizing options, helping them to develop strategies to win justice, and training them to carry out activities such as press conferences and actions, while always following their leadership. We also secure attorneys, gain media attention for cases, mobilize community members to come out to protests and engage in court monitoring. The JC also conducts intake interviews for new cases and provide advice and referrals year-round.

"Justice Committee makes things happen. You can call on them anytime and they are there for you. They don't talk the talk they live up to what they say they are going to do. They know how to bring people together to help make that CHANGE. And thats needed in this society today"  - Valerie Bell, mother of Sean Bell

Examples of New Yorkers assaulted or killed by NYPD that we have worked with in a variety of ways.  We have fought to get justice for some of these cases and have worked with others on the campaign for an executive order for a special prosecutor that we won in July 2015.

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