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Right To Know Act
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Gwen Carr, mom of Eric Garner - RTKA
JC got the Frederick Douglass Award
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ThisStopsToday Coffins on Bk Bridge 12-14



Families Organizing & Case Support

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Our Families Organizing program consist of families that have loss loved ones to police in NYC.  The families meet bi-weekly to discuss potential campaigns and move current campaigns forward. They're working with other Justice Committee members to formalize our rapid response process to police killings.

In our Case Support program we supports and train victims families and survivors to navigate legal, media, political, and administrative processes.  We also launch organizing campaigns around individual cases as needed.  


Community Defense

More soon, under construction

In Community Defense members focus on developing safety 

mechanisms and projects thats 

decrease reliance on law 

enforcement and increases our skills and abilities to build sustainable communities.


Our CopWatch program also operates out of Community Defense including our community patrols, 

protest request for CopWatchers, 

and training request. To learn more about CopWatch click here.



More soon, under construction.

Justice Committee believes in using any and all tactics in the struggle for justice and liberation. One of the many tactics we use is policy reform. The majority of our policy work is done through the coalition we co-founded, Communities United for Police Reform (CPR).



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Justice for Eric Garner

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Join the campaign to get NYPD officer Justin Damico and other officers that assaulted, lied, and covered up the murder of Eric Garner fired.

In September 2020, Judge Madden allow the judicial inquiry (JI) to proceed. If won in court, the JI granted Gwen Carr, Eric Garners mother permission to put NYC Mayor de Blasio, the Police Commissioner, and other City officials that played a role in the murder, investigation, and decisions on the stand.  De Blasio has chosen to appeal.  What does he have to hide?  Learn how you can help.



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This campaign seeks to get justice for Delrawn Small & increase the safety of all New Yorkers by getting officer Wayne Isaacs fired from the New York City Police Department (NYPD).

In 2015 NYPD Officer Wayne Isaacs shot and killed Delrawn in front of his 4 month of daughter, and teenage step daughter.  Delrawn was unarmed.  Officer Isaacs made no attempt to render aid, and was caught by video lying about what took place.

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More soon, new campaign

This is a new campaign we are working on with our partners in Communities United for Police Reform (CPR).  We'll have more info soon including how to get involved in the week of actions coming up.

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Sp. Prosecutor- WON

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In July 2015, families that have loss loved ones to police together with Justice Committee and Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) forced Cuomo to sign an executive order making the Attorney General (AG) the Special Prosecutor.

On June 9th, 2020, we got the special prosecutor bill passed. All cases of police killings in NYS will now go directly to the AG's office. 

This victory breaks the conflict of interest between District Attorneys and police, and centralizes organizing activities to one location in NYC instead of five.

ThisStopsToday- W side Foley Sq

Repeal 50a - WON

Won through organizing & people power

50a was routinely used to shield abusive officers by keeping disciplinary processes a secret from the public.  On Tuesday June 9 State legislature passed our bill to #Repeal50a.  The repeal of 50a allows the public to FOIL for police disciplinary records.