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Community Defense



Our work in the #NYCBudgetJustice campaign is rooted in our call for real public safety and demand for City Council to invest in infrastructure and community based safety solutions and reducing the reliance on police and criminalization.


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The How Many Stops Act consists of two common sense, good government bills, Intro. 586: Reporting on All NYPD Stops and Investigative Encounters (sponsored by Public Advocate Jumaane Williams and Councilmember Alexa Aviles) and Intro. 538: Reporting on all police consent searches (sponsored by Councilmember Crystal Hudson), which will bring transparency to the NYPD’s daily activities in New York City communities. Data collected via these two bills is crucial for completing the picture of what policing really looks like in our City.  

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Remove NYPD from Mental Health

As the stories of Mohamed Bah, Iman Morales, Saheed Vassell, Kawaski Trawick and too many others prove, the NYPD is the wrong agency to response to those who need care. JC organizes to remove the NYPD from mental health response, develop an alternative crisis response system that prioritizes the well-being and self-determination of those struggling with health challenges, and ensure investments in community-based, culturally competent preventative, post-crisis and wrap-around services.

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Our Vision of Safety Storytelling Project

Our Vision of Safety Storytelling Project is a multi-generational, multimedia collective art project that uplift stories of New Yorkers who are engaging in safety practices in their neighborhoods that decrease reliance on law enforcement and the carceral system. To share your story email



We provide CopWatch for protest and events with high security risk as well neighborhood patrols. While on neighborhood patrols JC CopWatchers build with residents and local businesses, handout KYR information, advise and support residents with police violence cases and complaints, and provide referrals as needed. 

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