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We about that justice! 

Our Mission

The Justice Committee (JC( is a grassroots organization dedicated to building a movement against police violence and systemic racism in New York City and empowering low-income Latinx and other people of color to address these issues. Recognizing that true power can only be exercised by unified communities we prioritize developing the leadership of both youth and elders and strive to make our organizing a multi-generational effort.  By building solidarity with other anti-racist, immigrant and people of color-led organizations, we seek to contribute to a broad-based movement for social justice.

Our Vision

As our name suggests, the long-term vision of the Justice Committee is a world in which the voices and needs of all become the imperative, a world not governed by the most "powerful" and materially wealthy. We seek to contribute to a coordinated global movement that will attain this world by building a New York City in which people are not victimized by systemic racism and other forms of oppression and do not suffer or fear killings and abuse at the hands of the NYPD and other forms of law enforcement. The work of the Justice Committee will be complete when NYC’s marginalized communities have the power and mechanisms to hold the authorities accountable, are empowered to determine by what principles and methods the city is managed and kept safe, and have built meaningful ties to others communities organizing for justice throughout the United States and the world.

Member Talk

"The Justice Committee has always spoken truth to power. We always center the stories and voices of our families that have been doubly victimized – by the cops who have killed their loved ones and then again by justice system that refuses to hold those police officers accountable."                              - Gina Arias, member

I'm a JC member because I want to be part of an organization , a family, that works against police brutality/systemic oppression and for community power. As a Puerto Rican women, it means a lot to me that Young Lord Ritch Perez was instrumental in the org's manifestation, work, and vision. I joined because I was moved by the fact that JC worked closely with the families of people who have been murdered by police with the intent to create change while focusing on what the families want. That's why I'm on the families support team, which is what I enjoy most about being a member- getting to know people who've been through traumatic events by the hands of the state, and choose every day to push back and demand justice/accountability. It's an honor to not only offer up my time and skills for them, but to meet other folks in my city and community committed to the same work.

   - Francis Perez - Rodriguez, Member 


In loving memory of our co-founder and leader, Richie Perez. Your wisdom and knowledge continues to guide us as we carry your legacy forward. Pa'lante Siempre!

More coming soon.

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