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Families Organizing & Case Support


About Families Organizing

Families whose loved ones were murdered by police in NY support one another, and work together to launch and advance grassroots organizing and policy campaigns.

Priorities include:

  1. Healing

  2. Rapid response to police killings

  3. Special Prosecutor

  4. NYPD Discipline

Rapid Response

Rapid Response

Families, survivors of police violence, and other JC members work together to identify, contact, and offer support to survivors and victims families. JC members that would like to join our rapid response team should click the but to let us know. 

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Speial Prosecutor

Special Prosecutor 

NYC families whose loved ones were murdered by NYPD work with families across New York State to ensure that the NYS Attorney General treats families with the dignity and respect, conducts timely transparent investigations, and prosecutes police officers that unjustly kill New Yorkers.

Cas Support

Case support

Support families whose loved ones were murdered by NYPD and survivors through their criminal, federal, discipline, and civil suit processes and campaigns. JC members that would like to volunteer their time to help click the button to join. 

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