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Surving the NYPD:

Tips that may save your life


Whenever you are approached by a police officer we recommend you treat the situation as you would if approached by a wild animal.

1. You wouldn't run because the animal will probably chase and attack you. DON'T RUN.

2. You wouldn't yell at it to leave because if it's aggressive it will attack you. You may however carefully verbally assess whether it's friendly or not. SPEAK IN A CALM EVEN TONE.

3. You wouldn't try to touch it because it might bite you. DON'T TOUCH.

4. You definitely wouldn't looks away because you'd want to know if it's about to attack. MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT AT ALL TIMES.


5.You wouldn't reach into your pockets or wave your arms. You would probably stay very still in order to appear non-threatening to the animal. NO SUDDEN MOVEMENTS. 

1. Don't Run

2. Speak in a calm even tone

3. Don't touch

4. Maintain eye contact at all times

5. No sudden Movement

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