Special Prosecutor Campaign

PHASE 1: Get NYS Governor Cuomo to sign an executive order appointing the Attorney General's office special prosecutor. 


* This phase of the campaign was won on July 9, 2015

PHASE 2: Get legislation passed appointing the Attorney General's office special prosecutor in all cases where a police officer kills a civilian in New York State.

* In Februrary 2017 the special prosecutor bill passed the assembly. We'll be reintroducing it in 2018 with hopes of getting it passed in the Assembly and the Senate.

Why this is important & how you can join the campaign.

There is an inherent conflict of interest between the District Attorneys office and the police. Both agencies rely heavily on one another on a daily basis. Justice Committee believe this contributes to the lack of accountability & transparency in cases of police misconduct and in the murder of civilians.


If you would like to get involved in this campaign please contact us to schedule a time to talk.

Victory video of the families whose loved ones where killed by police after winning the campaign for a special prosecutor by executive order in July 2015

What was won in the executive order & what's included in the bill

In the Executive Order

The executive order for a special prosecutor signed by Governor Cuomo covers unarmed New Yorkers killed by police (including when killed in police custody), cases were a weapon is in dispute, and cases where someone was armed but did NOT pose a threat to the police.

In the bill

We will add a link to the special prosecutor bill when it is introduced in 2018

This photo of families whose loved ones were killed by NYPD was taken after the signing of the executive order for a special prosecutor in July 2015

In the news

Click on any of the links below to see some of the media coverage. But remember this was not the Govenors victory. This is a peoples' victory led by the families whose loved ones were killed by police, Justice Committee (JC), and Communities United for Police Reform (CPR).


Note: JC is a proud member & Co-Founder of CPR

VIDEOS: Mom of Sean Bell to Cuomo - Keep Your Promise!

Check out videos from mom of Eric Garner, Anthony Baez, Mohamed Bah, Sean Bell, and families of Shantel Davis, Anthony Rosario, Hilton Vega, Ramarley Graham & Alberta Spruill.

CLICK HERE: #StandWithTheFamilies

Mrs.Valerie Bell, mother of Sean Bell murdered November 25, 2006 in a hail of 50 bullets on what should have been his wedding day. Two of Sean Bell's friends Trent Benefield & Joseph Guzman were also shot multiple times but survived their injuries.

Mrs. Bell is one of the leaders of the campaign for a special prosecutors in the state of NY. Like many of the other families Mrs. Bell joined the campaign to give future families a fighting chance for justice.

The Team Behind It All


The campaigns leadership consist of the surviving family members of 18 New Yorkers unjustly killed by police in the past two decades and Communities United for Police Reform (CPR) which includes the Justice Committee. We launched and won this campaign by urging Governor Andrew Cuomo to enact an executive order assigning a special prosecutor to cases when police kill civilians. 


The 18 families fighting for the special prosecutor by executive order will not benefit directly from its signing. They are fighting for all future families because they should not have to go through the unfair and unjust criminal justice process that currently exist.

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