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The Cops Shot Her Son, and de Blasio Won’t Talk to Her


Daily Beast

Constance Malcolm came to the Times Square Hilton, to the National Action Network’s annual conference on March 13, to see the mayor. For two months, she and her supporters in the police reform advocacy group the New York Justice Committee had been calling and writing to Mayor Bill De Blasio’s office, asking him to meet with the mother of Ramarley Graham, who at 18 years of age was gunned down by a police officer inside the family’s apartment on Feb. 2, 2012, and to see to it that all of the officers involved are fired from the NYPD.

Justice Committee, Police Watch Group, Questions Death Of Denis Reyes in NYPD Custody


Black Star News

...What happened during the 40 minutes Mr. Reyes was alone with police officers, after they forced his mother to leave and held his brother is another part of the apartment? What were the officers doing that made him yell, "Stop, you're hurting me" and injured his face? Why wasn't his family allowed to help de-escalate the situation especially when Mr. Reyes was calling for his brother? Was Denis Reyes already dead when EMS took him out of the apartment, as his mother suspects?...




DOJ Opens Civil Rights Investigation Into NYPD Shooting of Ramarley Graham




CIVIC CENTER — More than two and half years after unarmed 18-year-oldRamarley Graham was shot and killed by police in his own home, the Manhattan U.S. Attorney's office confirmed it has launched a civil rights investigation into the matter.


The news came as a relief to the boy's parents Constance Malcolm and Franclot Graham, who met with U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara Wednesday afternoon to urge the federal government to step in after a grand jury declined to re-indict officer Richard Haste on manslaughter charges last year.


South Bronx Mural Decries Police Violence and Boosts Community Bonds




MOTT HAVEN — Teens from three organizations have collaborated on a soon-to-be-finished mural against police violence and in support of neighborhood unity in the South Bronx.


The mural, located in Mott Haven at the corner of Brook Avenue and 148th Street, depicts an ominous crew of police officers with faces are covered in riot gear and hands filled with nightsticks, riding horses wearing gas masks. People at the center of the mural look on, recording the scene with their phones. In the center of the mural, a cheerful tower rises surrounded by silhouettes of people talking, watching and holding hands.


Ramarley Graham rally goes to the doorstep of powerful NYC attorney


Pix 11

NEW YORK (PIX11) — “No justice! No peace! Convene a Grand Jury for Ramarley” was one of three chants by supporters of Ramarley Graham on Wednesday afternoon at Foley Square in Lower Manhattan.


The supporters came together to protest the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District, Preet Bharara, as well as his office for failing to meet with Graham’s family. They also wanted to investigate the NYPD’S Richard Haste, the officer who shot the 18-year-old back on February 2, 2012.



Parents Demand Federal Probe in NY Police Shooting



NEW YORK (AP) — The parents of a black 18-year-old man shot to death by a white New York City police officer in 2012 led several dozen supporters on a short march to a Manhattan prosecutor's office Wednesday to demand a federal civil rights probe.


"We feel like we don't count, like we don't even exist," Franclot Graham, the father, told a news conference as he complained that nobody from the U.S. attorney's office in Manhattan had met with the parents of Ramarley Graham after prosecutors said they would review evidence in the case a year ago to ensure no civil rights were violated.



Gov. of Missouri calls in state law enforcement after protestors clash with Ferguson


Pix 11

NEW YORK (PIX11) – Body armor. Tear gas. Rubber bullets.


This is not Iraq, but these scenes prompted Missouri’s governor to call the town of Ferguson a war zone following demonstrator’s Wednesday night clash with police.


It was not a flattering scene, and when the dust settled, the local police department found itself no longer in charge of security



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