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[Colorlines] Ramarley Graham's Family, Activists Demand Accountability w/ #23Days4Ramarley Campaign

“Mayor de Blasio, you promised police reform when you ran, but you’ve done nothing to hold the NYPDaccountable,” Graham’s mother, Constance Malcolm, said during a Sunday (April 24) vigil in front of New York City mayor Bill de Blasio’s home. “It’s time for you to fire all the officers who busted into our home and killed Ramarley. Fire all the officers who wouldn’t let my mother see her attorney while they held her at the precinct. Fire all the officers who made false statements about my son and what the NYPD did to him.”

Sunday’s vigil is the latest major action from the coalition, which initiated #23Days4Ramarley and #FireNYPD as components of a larger campaign that demands de Blasio and NYPDcommissioner Bill Bratton transparently investigate and fire all of the involved officers.

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