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[Daily News] Family of man fatally struck by NYPD officer sues to get video

The family of a man who was fatally struck by a Brooklyn cop behind the wheel of an NYPD van is demanding that the city turn over seven-month-old video of the incident — and calling for the officers involved to be kicked off the force.

“These officers need to be fired,” victim Ronald Anthony Smith’s sister Julie Floyd said Monday. “They get to go home to their brother, and I don’t get to go home to my brother.”

Smith was killed April 7 when the marked van traveling on Eastern Parkway slammed into him near Schenectady Ave. in Crown Heights, where he stood in the painted median in the middle of the street.

The officers involved were identified by the family as Orkhan Mamedov and Evan Siegel, who both worked in Brooklyn’s 73rd Precinct, records show.

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