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[Hell Gate NYC] Eric Adams Does Not Want to Be Asked About Kawaski Trawick

Four weeks ago, on October 3, Hell Gate asked Eric Adams at his first off-topic press conference about the fact that the NYPD was recommending no consequences at all for the officers who kicked in Kawaski Trawick's door in 2019, and, in the space of 112 seconds, shot him to death in his own apartment. The NYPD's rationale for this recommendation was that the underfunded and underpowered oversight organ that brought the disciplinary charges waited too long to do so, a curious logic given that the NYPD withheld critical video evidence in the case for more than a year and a half.

Adams told Hell Gate that any delay in turning over evidence was news to him, but that he'd look into it.

At the next off-topic press conference a week later, Adams was asked again about the case of Herbert Davis and Brendan Thompson, the officers who killed Trawick. He said he'd been busy traveling, but he'd asked NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban about it, and that Caban—who was evidently not able to immediately furnish answers about the most high-profile police killing in the city in recent years—had promised to look into it and get back to the mayor, but he hadn't done so yet.

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