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Justice Committee Condemns PBA President's Comments Regarding Sentencing of Justin Murrell

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

In response to Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch's comments following the sentencing of Justin Murrell, the Justice Committee released the following statement from Co-Director Loyda Colon:

We are outraged but not surprised by Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch's trash response to the sentencing of Justin Murrell today, in which he referred to Murrell as a "mutt" multiple times, made the heinous claim that after his release Murrell would go on to try to kill New Yorkers, and called for an extended prison sentence. We understand that it is Lynch's job to protect police officers, but using racial slurs when referring to a Black child is unacceptable, and calling for a child to be sentenced as an adult is unconscionable. The word "mutt" is used to label a dog as inferior as a result of impure breeding and has historically been used as a derogatory word toward mixed race people of color. We believe all people should be held accountable for their actions, especially when they harm others, but fear-mongering and putting people - especially children - in cages is not transformative justice and has proven to increase violence and destroy communities. Lynch's spewing of racist hatred is divisive and will only serve to encourage and embolden the discriminatory and abusive policing that plagues New York's communities of color daily.

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