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[News 12] Families who say they’ve lost loved ones to NYPD rally for justice at City Hall

Multiple families who claim that they have lost loved ones at the hands of the NYPD rallied and demanded justice outside of City Hall on Thursday.

Among them was the mother of Kawaski Trawick, Ellen Trawick, who continues to demand the two officers involved in the death of her son be fired

Advocates joined the mourning families in calling on the city to punish and hold accountable the officers responsible for their deaths, Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis.

Family members of Allan Feliz and Antonio Williams were present at Thursday’s rally, both men who died in the Bronx. Feliz was fatally shot in Oct. 2019 after being pulled over for a seatbelt violation.

Antonio Williams lost his life in an altercation involving members of the NYPD in 2019. One NYPD officer, Brian Mulkeen, also lost his life in that same incident.

Loved ones of Delrawn Small joined as well after Small was fatally shot by an NYPD officer in Brooklyn in 2016.

In total, these three families, alongside 14 other families and 53 advocacy organizations from across the five boroughs, penned a letter to NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban and Mayor Eric Adams to demand that proper action be taken against the officers involved in the death of Kawaski Trawick.

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