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[NY1] City Council shows support for Trawick family amid criticism over NYPD budget

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Ellen and Rickie Trawick are in New York City as the two officers involved in the death of their son Kawaski are facing an administrative trial. In 2019, police officials say he came at them with a knife, and the entire exchange was caught on video. As the trial against the officers involved got underway, the New York City Council came out in support of the family.

“It pains me to hear the stories, time and time again, of Black parents losing their children at the hands of police violence,” said City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams.

NYPD officer Brendan Thompson is charged with use of force. His partner, Herbert Davis, is charged with failure to render aid.

A previous charge of unlawful entry was recently dismissed.

“There have been multiple efforts to obstruct it with the latest being the NYPD judge to unilaterally throw out an important disciplinary charge against the officers,” Speaker Adams added.

The Trawick family said they want justice, especially after an internal investigation found no wrongdoing, and the Bronx district attorney declined to bring criminal charges against the officers. “Mayor Adams and Commissioner Sewell need to do the right thing and need to have these officers fired. They no longer need to work for the New York Police Department. They are a danger to the people of New York,” said Ellen Trawick, Kawasaki’s mother who has been fighting for justice for her son for four years.

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