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[PIX11 News] Delrawn Small’s family demands action from judge, wants NYPD officer fired

The family of Delrawn Small rallied outside Kings County Supreme Court on Monday with hopes of getting the NYPD officer who fatally shot Small fired.

Small died in 2016. Family members say the only thing preventing the officer from his disciplinary trial is a judge sitting on an unsealed motion. Officer Wayne Isaacs was previously found not guilty in the Small’s shooting death.

Isaacs shot Small, who was unarmed, three times. Isaacs was found not guilty in his 2017 criminal trial, but two years ago, the Civilian Complaint Review Board recommended he be terminated.

His disciplinary trial has been stalled The Justice Committee — a grassroots organization that works with families who lost loved ones to police brutality — says all that needs to be done is for Judge Danny Chun to take action on a motion filed more than a year ago by the CCRB.

“We demand that Judge Chun grant the motion to unseal the records from Isaacs’ 2017 murder trial immediately. No more delays,” Danny Kim, an organizer with Justice Committee said.

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