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Ramarley Graham's Mother Says de Blasio & Bratton Abetting Police Corruption around Killing of Son

On fifth Mother’s Day since Graham was killed, his mother Constance Malcolm highlights that no officers disciplined, but have received pay raises; de Blasio, NYPD not investigating all officers involved

On the fifth Mother’s Day since Ramarley Graham was killed by NYPD officers who unlawfully entered his home without a warrant or cause, his mother Constance Malcolm released a statement accusing the mayor and police commissioner of contributing to police corruption.

“This is the fifth Mother’s Day since my son Ramarley was killed and no officers have been fired or held accountable by the NYPD – instead they’ve received pay raises.  There's been no transparency about whether there has been a full investigation, who is actually being investigated, what charges or timeline for firing - my family can't even get the names of the more than dozen police officers involved or which 3 officers besides Haste are reportedly facing internal charges.  

“Mayor de Blasio is acting like an accomplice to the NYPD’s inadequate charges against a select few officers that basically sweeps the rest of the police misconduct surrounding my son’s killing and abuse of my family under the rug.  The NYPD had already publicly announced a disciplinary investigation into the assault of James Blake when the mayor and police commissioner met with him. In my case, there has been no transparency and it seems like de Blasio and Bratton have been unwilling to even fully investigate the misconduct by the at least a dozen NYPD officers/employees who killed Ramarley after busting into our home without a warrant or cause, threatened and abused our family, and released deceptive and improper information about the incident and Ramarley, among other corrupt actions. 

“The corruption surrounding my son’s killing is just as serious as corruption for financial or political gain, but so far Mayor de Blasio seems more interested in trying to ignore and minimize this corruption by refusing to investigate or make transparent the full range of misconduct that extends far beyond three officers.”


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