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[The New York Times] New York Police Officer Defends Fatal Shooting of Unarmed Man, 18

Richard Haste, took the witness stand on the fourth day of his trial at 1 Police Plaza in Lower Manhattan, where he is accused of poor tactical judgment in the shooting of Ramarley Graham, 18, who was unarmed when he was killed on Feb. 2, 2012...

Loyda Colon, the co-director of the Justice Committee, a criminal justice advocacy group, said Officer Haste had mischaracterized his encounter with Mr. Graham’s grandmother, Patricia Hartley, who complained she was mistreated after the shooting.

“Richard Haste, on the stand, actually stood there and said that he treated her kindly,” Colon said. “In fact, he actually put a gun in her head, threatened to shoot her too and shoved her.”

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