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Press Releases & Statements Archive 2 

Justice Committee Statement on Commissioner Bratton’s Comments Regarding Documenting the Police



...Cop Watching is about witnessing violence and loving your neighbor, not interfering with the police. Bratton’s mischaracterization of this practice raises serious questions about why he wants to avoid public scrutiny and demonstrates his lack of commitment to ensuring safety and respect for all New Yorkers.

Mother of Ramarley Graham Says de Blasio & Bratton Abetting Police Corruption Surrounding the Killing of Her Son



On the fifth Mother’s Day since Ramarley Graham was killed by NYPD officers who unlawfully entered his home without a warrant or cause, his mother Constance Malcolm released a statement accusing the mayor and police commissioner of contributing to police corruption.

Justice Committee Statement on DA Thompson’s Sentencing Reccomendation for Former NYPD Officer Peter Liang



We are outraged that District Attorney Thompson’s sentencing recommendation for former NYPD Officer Peter Liang includes no jail time.  Liang entered a stairwell in the Pink Houses with his gun drawn – against NYPD protocol. He shot unarmed Akai Gurley, who was doing nothing wrong. Then he attempted to cover up his wrongdoing rather than assist Gurley, who lay dieing on the floor. These are criminal actions, for which Liang should be held accountable.

Justice Committee Statement on DOJ Decision in Graham Case



Today the Department of Justice and Obama Administration failed to uphold equal justice, failed the family of Ramarley Graham, and failed the nation. US Attorney Preet Bharara’s decision not to convene a grand jury for the 2012 NYPD killing of Ramarley Graham is an outrage, is inconsistent with the facts, and shows that the federal government doesn't value black lives. 

In a meeting between Graham’s parents, the Justice Committee, Communities United for Police Reform, Bharara and his staff early today we learned not only of the failures of the federal government, but also of failure and deceit on the part of the City Administration and NYPD Commissioner William Bratton.

Families of New Yorkers Killed by Police Urge Legislators to Reject Counterproductive Criminal Justice Proposals



...“We are here in Albany to make sure our message is very clear to our legislators and Governor Cuomo,” said Valerie Bell, mother of Sean Bell. “Any criminal justice reform that does not include the Governor signing an executive order for a special prosecutor will be inadequate.”


The group of families specifically called for rejection of an “independent monitor” proposed by the governor to review grand jury proceedings after a decision has already been rendered, and explained that reform to the grand jury process without a special prosecutor is not true reform.

Justice Committee Statement Regarding Police Commissioner Bratton's Comments on Parenting and Documenting the Police



Bratton’s mischaracterization of [documenting police activity] raises serious questions about why he wants to avoid public scrutiny and demonstrates his unwillingness to take responsibility for his officers’ disrespect of and violence against our communities.


Through decades of work with families, we know well how hard low-income parents of color work to take care of and raise their children in a society that devalues their lives and continually under-invests in resources, services and opportunities for them. Bratton’s attempt to point the finger at parents serves as a distraction from the historic and systemic lack of police accountability that allows police violence to continue by creating a culture in which officers feel they can brutalize us with impunity. His comments criticizing parents are condescending, racially coded and completely unacceptable for a public official tasked with overseeing those who are supposed to “protect and serve”...

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Justice Committee Statement on Death of Denis Reyes in NYPD Custody



The Justice Committee sends heartfelt condolences, strength and love to the family of Denis Reyes. We have many questions regarding the NYPD’s treatment of Mr. Reyes after they arrived at his home in response to his mother's call to 911.  Mr. Reyes' mother, Blanca Sierra, was trying to get help for her son.  He needed care and assistance.

Justice Committee Statement on NYPD Attacks on #FreddieGray Solidarity Protesters



The Justice Committee condemns the NYPD’s use of physical violence and inhumane treatment of New Yorkers last night in New York City at the protest held to demand police accountability and justice for Freddie Gray.  Protesters were pushed around, slammed into the ground, pushed over police barricades, and pulled out of peaceful marches and unjustly arrested. 


In Time Square protesters were held handcuffed on an NYPD bus for over two hours without access to water or a bathroom. When Justice Committee members and allies approach an NYPD lieutenant to ask when the bus would be taking the arrestees to be processed, he responded with disrespect and violence.  He aggressively pushed two women up an entire block and then had three uniformed officers surround them prior to answering the question.


This unaccountable, abusive policing can only cause further mistrust and, frankly, hatred for the NYPD.

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