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Press Releases & Statements Archive 2

Justice Committee Statement On the Delivery of Over 33,000 Signed Petitions to the Department of Justice Regarding the NYPD Killing of Ramarley Graham


...Today we sent a clear message. Attorney General Eric Holder and U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara have been put on notice: Ramarley’s family should have to wait no longer for justice and accountability... 

Justice Committee Statement Families' Meeting with the NYPD Inspector General


...It is our strong hope that the IG will prioritize an investigation into NYPD killings, as we believe a report on findings from it would shed light on why the NYPD continues to unjustly kill Black and Latino New Yorkers, as well as the dire need for real systemic change in the Department.

Justice Committee Statement on the Medical Examiner’s Garner Homicide Ruling and the Mayor’s Response


Given the clear video documentation – which shows multiple officers brutally forcing Eric Garner to the ground, one of them putting him in a chokehold and all of them and EMS workers failing to administer CPR – we are not surprised at the New York City Medical Examiner’s ruling that Mr. Garner’s death was caused by homicide.  The ME’s findings coupled with the footage constitute overwhelming evidence of unnecessary brutality and criminal activity. All officers involved in the incident should be...

Justice Committee Statement on the NYPD Killing of Staten Island Father, Eric Garner


We are enraged by the unnecessary police violence that led to Mr. Garner’s death.  This incident recalls the case of Anthony Baez, who in 1994 was put in an illegal chokehold and killed by an NYPD officer in the Bronx.  It is a grave injustice that 20 years later, another New Yorker would die in a similar manner, at the hands of an officer acting against the NYPD’s use of force protocol.  It is an outrage and entirely unacceptable that...

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