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Bronx Driver Killed and Dehumanized by NYPD Should Be Alive

In response to the NYPD killing of an unarmed Bronx driver yesterday, the Justice Committee released the following statement from Co-Director Loyda Colon:

While the story of the NYPD killing of Allan Feliz, an unarmed driver, in the Bronx yesterday is still unfolding, what we do know, largely based on video evidence, is deeply disturbing. We extend our condolences and support to his family. We thank the brave witness who cop watched this incident.

This was a mere traffic stop because officers witnessed a driver who was not wearing a seat belt. Those officers had the discretion to remind the driver to put his seat belt on and allow him to go on his way. Instead, officers shot an unarmed man and then yanked their victim from the car, without a thought about his injuries, causing his pants to come down, exposing and dehumanizing him. Video footage shows officers cuffing Mr Feliz, letting him bleed out in the street, and moving and touching his body without attempting to cover him or offer aid.

In keeping with the NYPD’s M.O., they are already trying to criminalize the victim. Yet, by the NYPD's own admission, Mr. Feliz' warrants were for non-criminal violations and officers knew nothing of them when they originally stopped him. The driver was unarmed and was not a danger. He should be alive today. We call on the Attorney General to assert jurisdiction as special prosecutor in this case immediately and conduct a thorough and swift investigation.


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