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Mother and Sister of Mohamed Bah, Killed by NYPD in 2012, Respond to Verdict in Civil Trial

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | November 14, 2017

Contact: Yul-san Liem,, 347.676.1878

In response to the civil trial jury's verdict finding NYPD ESU Officer Edwin Mateo liable for excessive force and NYPD ESU Lt. Michael Licitra liable for failure to supervise in the 2012 NYPD killing of Mohamed Bah, Mohamed's mother, Hawa Bah, and sister, Oumou Bah, released the following statement:

When Mohamed was first killed, we were told it was not possible to prove his was killed unjustly, that it was only Mohamed and the officers in the room, and Mohamed was dead. However, the truth has come out through this trial. Clear evidence was presented that the NYPD unlawfully entered Mohamed's home, used excessive force and killed him in cold blood.

We are please with this verdict, but it doesn't bring Mohamed back and it does not equal justice, accountability or systemic change. It's deeply troubling that even though Mateo and Licitra were found liable, they will not face criminal or financial consequences. We are calling for renewed criminal and NYPD investigations into Mohamed's death in light of this verdict and the overwhelming evidence that these officers broke the law, violated Mohamed's constitutional rights and broke NYPD protocol.

The truth has been brought to light through this trial. Mohamed's death clearly shows that the NYPD has no business being the first responders for those who are suffering from mental health crises. Since Mohamed was killed too many other New Yorkers who needed care and assistance have been gunned down by the NYPD: Erickson Brito, Deborah Danner, Ariel Galarza, Cornell Lockhart: the list goes on and on. This is the consequence of Mohamed's killers being allowed to walk free. We must hold NYPD officers who unjustly take New Yorkers lives - including the lives of those who need medical assistance - accountable, or else the violence and bloodshed will continue. We will never stop fighting for justice for Mohamed and all those unjustly killed and brutalized by the police and for the systemic change needed to end police violence.


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