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Mother of Kawaski Trawick Responds to Mayor Adams, Demands Meeting Before Disciplinary Decision



Today, Mayor Adams held a media availability where he was asked for the second week in a row about the NYPD delays in turning over body camera footage that blocked the CCRB from fully investigating the killing of Kawaski Trawick for 21 months. The mayor was also asked if he would accommodate Kawaski Trawick's family's demand to meet with them and their team before a final decision is made regarding discipline of the officers who killed Mr. Trawick in 2019. Mayor Adams would not commit to meeting with the family before a decision is made, instead, he said he would consider meeting with them "once completed". (Question and response can be heard starting at 24:22)

In response to the Mayor's refusal to agree to meet with the Trawicks before a disciplinary decision is made, Mrs. Ellen Trawick, the mother of Kawaski Trawick, released the following statement:

"Eric Adams is responsible if these officers kill again. It’s an abdication of his responsibilities to refuse to meet with us before a decision is made, to refuse to look me and my husband in the eyes, to finally say my son’s name, and to promise to do right by Kawaski and the people of New York by firing the officers who killed him. Refusing to meet with us before a decision is made tells me that Eric Adams thinks my family doesn’t matter, that Kawaski’s life doesn’t matter to him, and that Mayor Adams doesn’t care whether or not the officers on his police force are held accountable when they kill New Yorkers. Our demands are the same: we demand that Mayor Adams meet with us before a decision is made, and we demand that the officers who killed Kawaski are immediately fired.”

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