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[News 12] Family of Allan Feliz demands justice nearly 4 years after his death

The family of Allan Feliz met with the Civilian Complaint Review Board on Wednesday as they continue to demand justice nearly four years after his death.

Feliz was shot and killed by an NYPD sergeant in Oct. 2019, when he was driving and was pulled over for a seatbelt violation. Officers ran his ID and saw multiple active warrants, causing the situation to take a turn for the worse and leading to Feliz being shot. His family says they left him to die.

"We wanted all three officers to have substantiated charges to be fired and removed from the force,” said Samy Feliz, brother of the late Allan Feliz. "Having us kind of fill in his shoes isn't ideal when we know Allan should be here.”

Family and supporters gathered on Church Street on Wednesday to provide the latest update on the pursuit for justice in this incident.

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