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Testimony – Ellen Trawick at CCRB Meeting 8/10

In response to the CCRB delays in scheduling a disciplinary trial against NYPD Officers Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis, Ellen Trawick gave the following testimony at a virtual meeting on Wednesday, August 10, 2022:

Testimony – Ellen Trawick

CCRB Board Meeting

Wednesday, 8/10

My name is Ellen Trawick and I am the mother of Kawaski Trawick, who was murdered by NYPD Officers Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis on April 14, 2019.

It’s been more than 3 years since Kawaski was murdered and my family and I still have not gotten any justice or accountability. From the beginning, our demands for justice have been ignored by the NYPD, the Bronx DA, and the New York City government. They have disrespected and mistreated our family at every step. And each time, it feels like Kawaski is being murdered all over again.

Sadly, it is starting to feel like the CCRB is no different. We’ve always heard the CCRB is supposed to be independent from the NYPD. So we hoped that you would value Kawaki’s life, respect our family, and try hard to get accountability for Kawaski’s murder. Instead, all we’ve gotten is more delays. It’s been over a year since charges were served to Officers Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis and we still have no idea when the trial will be.

In June of 2021, this board voted to bring charges against Thompson and Davis and recommend they be fired. Your agency confirmed that Officers Davis and Thompson illegally entered my son Kawaski’s apartment where he should have been safe, tased him and shot him four times for no reason. Then afterwards, provided no medical aid and just let him die.

My family and I have waited patiently while you prepare your case. We have been more than understanding for the last year. But even though we have asked over and over, your CCRB prosecutors refuse to schedule a first court conference to start the process of scheduling a trial. At this rate, we have serious concerns about whether this trial will even happen this year. We are exhausted and frustrated that we are in the same place as we were last August with no end of the waiting in sight. In the meantime, these two dangerous officers are still in the NYPD where they could easily harm someone else.

Kawaski should still be here, today, with me and with his family. He was such a loving son, a loving and supportive brother, a loving and caring grandson. I remember how he was so passionate about supporting his sister when she was getting ready to try out to be a cheerleader. He would encourage her, coach her, boost her confidence up. I remember him saying, “You gotta keep up! You’re gonna have the best legs in the cheer squad.” That’s the beautiful person the NYPD took from us.

You cannot imagine the impact this has had on my family. First, Kawaski was torn from us by those who are supposed to protect and serve. Since then, every step of the way, those in power decided his life does not matter. Now, the CCRB, our last hope, that should be accountable to police violence victims, is doing the same thing.

We expect the NYPD and the police unions to drag their feet or put up roadblocks to slow down the discipline of Thompson and Davis. But we believed the CCRB would do right by the families and would prioritize the safety of New Yorkers by swiftly prosecuting Thompson and Davis and pushing for them to be fired. The delays are totally unacceptable.

My family and I are demanding that the CCRB schedule the first court conference for early September at the latest. The CCRB must prioritize Kawaski’s life. The CCRB must ensure that the trial happens before the end of this year and do everything within your power to ensure both officers are fired.

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