#Defund NYPD



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Together with our allies in Communities United for Police Reform (CPR), and the broader movement we are waging a campaign to #DefundNYPD. While Mayor de Blasio, Speaker Corey Johnson, and the Council failed New Yorkers by passing an FY21 budget with FAKE NYPD cuts, our movement is just getting started! We are shifting the public narrative about where safety comes from and we're gearing up for the FY22 fight.


The big picture is - the police are not creating safety. For Black, Latinx, and other New Yorkers of color, they are making us less safe. Meeting our communities' needs, supporting them to thrive, and addressing inequity is what will create safety, and its what we deserve. Our people have known this for a long time, but the country is now starting to wake up. We need a 180-degree shift in how resources get allocated based on prioritizing people, not policing and criminalization.

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